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about us

A different kind of eye care clinic

At Roseville Eye Associates, we see eye care differently. Your eyes are one of your body’s most vital, and delicate, organs. They are uniquely yours and reveal a lot about you, and your health. So give them the best care.

Come to our clinic for:


An in-depth, medical approach to eye care

Our comprehensive care is designed to foster total eye health. We understand the critical link between eye and total-body health as well as cognitive performance — especially in school-age children — and can manage medical issues ranging from pink eye to allergies to glaucoma.

Unlike other facilities, we excel at both eye care and eye wear. We have a trusted doctor to focus on your needs as a patient, and an expert optical staff to focus on your fashion preferences.


An exceptional patient experience

As medical professionals, we have a real concern for you and your situation. We’ll take extra time with you to ensure we understand your health needs and can develop the right plan for your care journey.

We’ll also make sure you have eye wear options that match your style. And we believe in transparency, so you’ll never get a surprise bill after the fact.


Modern, innovative solutions

Our premier care team shares a helpful, problem-solving spirit and leverages the latest research and techniques, so you receive the most advanced eye care solutions.

We’ll always keep you informed of new insights that reveal better ways to optimize eye and total-body health, because you deserve to have a great care experience and a great life.

Meet Dr. Kari Maffitt, Owner

Dr. Kari Maffitt

Dr. Maffitt is excited to share her vision of personalized eye care approach and serve patients in the Roseville area and across the Twin Cities. Dr. Kari Maffitt was an optometrist for four years at Uptown Vision Clinic in Minneapolis before starting Roseville Eye Associates in July 2019. While Dr. Maffitt enjoys all areas of optometry, she has special interests in pediatrics and difficult to fit contact lenses. She is a member of the Minnesota Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.

Dr. Maffitt grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota with a degree in Biology. She earned her Doctorate from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dr. Maffitt loves Minnesota and its natural beauty. Dr. Maffitt recently gave birth to her son, and is enjoying every minute of new motherhood. In her spare time, she and her husband enjoy hiking, attending plays and orchestra, cooking and checking out the many wonderful restaurants in the Twin Cities.