At Roseville Eye Associates, we believe the eyes deserve special care and attention. They are one of the body’s most important, most vital, and most delicate organs in the body. No one has the same eyes as you do, and, not only are they the windows to the soul, they also reveal a lot of about your overall health and wellness. 

To give your eyes the best possible care, come in for:

  • Routine eye exams
  • Contact lens fittings – including difficult to fit and specialty contact lenses
  • Eyeglass prescriptions
  • Treatment of vision-related learning problems
  • Management of ocular diseases including:
    • Glaucoma
    • Macular degeneration
    • Diabetic retinopathy and keratoconus
  • Pre- and post-op care for Lasik and cataract surgery
  • Management of ocular inflammatory conditions, dry-eye syndrome and “allergy eyes”
  • Treatment of eye infections and conjunctivitis (pink eye)

Our experienced team of medical professionals have a real concern for you and your situation. The moment you walk through the door, you become part of the family. We’ll take extra time with you to ensure we understand all of your health needs, and work closely with you to develop the right plan for your care journey.

But, as you know, it’s not all about what’s going on inside your eyes, it’s about what you put on them as well: In addition to contacts, our expert optical team will help ensure you have eye wear options to match your style. We offer:

  • All the latest trends and styles of eyeglasses
  • Prescription and regular sunglasses
  • Contact lenses to leave glasses behind for good

So you can walk away feeling more confident than ever.

At Roseville Eye Associates, we see eye care differently. For the best eye care, and eyewear in Vadnais Heights and the surrounding area, get in contact today to see a specialist at Roseville Eye Associates today, or just to learn a little more about what we do, and what we can do for you. We look forward to seeing you.